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-Use fresh socks5
-Same cardholder billing
-Ship to drop
-Dont buy more than 120 US
-Use standard shipping
-Dont make two payment with same card
-Between two days dont make 2 purchases to same drop
-Use drop in a quiet state
-Make the payment between 8 am to 4 pm eastern time
-Use Email as cardholder name
-Use disco or amex preferably


-Cardholder Billing [all details correct, preferably virgin cvv (they call to bank)]
-Ship to drop
-Buy 100 or less
-Standard shipping
-Visa or amex preferably
-Buy between monday to wednesday
-Buy between 8 am to 4 pm eastern time
-Dont make two consecutively purchases on two days
-Use fresh Socks5
-Buy clothing in offer
-Any VCC
-CC#, EXP and cvv2 only
-No address
-Purchase of $54 codes

NBA store:
-Bill = Ship
-No VBV or verified mastercard shit thing
-No socks
-Max of $120
-Virgin CC
-Billing 100% correct
- Not VBV or msc


-Use fake billing just real zip code (Use cardholder and drop same name with same locations)
-Use Drop address
-Buy 75 or less
-Use standard shipping
-Buy on sunday or monday preferably
-Use socks 5

Use Sub-Sites too:
[+]Trusted + Method

1. enter,en_US,pd.html
2. select gift card balance
3. continue checkout
4. receipt information random, email = your email
5. billing = cardholder billing
6. checkout
7. add basket items and gift card use checkout
7. successful
use socks or vpn
billing = your drop
shipping = your drop
use socks or vpn
billing = your drop
shipping = your drop

use VPN
use USA CC
ship to Europe, Fast Ship
Order total : $300
use socks or vpn
billing = your drop
shipping = your drop
(bill=ship) ( Socks same city as cvv billing same as cardholder shipping ur drops address, Works easier with international cvv). (socks werent needed used vpn for protection. Billing=shipping, International shipping is a bit complicated / shipped local drop) (VPN+ Billing=shipping) (for ur girl) (Bill=ship Same state as cvv socks ) (Bill=ship did not use socks5 and used random cvv ) (Bill=ship NO SOCKS USED) (Bill=ship + VPN)

Electronics: Bill=Ship.
[+]Public List | | (Generadas) | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | V - phone verification needed (If you do not use a Socks5 in the same state as your card, these guys will deny.)

Uk: - Fullz Needed

Ca: - Fullz Needed

De: iphone iphone kleidung rechnung

fuente HF.
algunas mas que encontre aprovechen testeen y hagan dinero

==== mobile ===========
izzi china :

Ipod: (cc) (camera thu hinh + laptop China) no need CVV2

============hipped WORLDWIDE (ship to HK but fill in some line form your real Country)============= (clothes + aparel) (MAC accessories) (clothes + aparels)''''' (clothing) (clothing) (phone shop bill = ship) (clothing) (electronic) (Patin - shoes) (electronic) (electronic) (perfume) (clothes) (clothes) (electronic) (electronic) (electronic)

/ (electronic) (clothing)( (nu trang) (dan loa) +computers) (cellphones PP payment) (colthing) (computers) (may bay dieu khien tu xa) (ban tua lua) (nu trang) (giay dep clothing) (LCD display) (quan ao cao cap) (electronic) (da`n loa) (clothing) (nu trang) (electronic) (camera) (electronics) (accept Paypal checkout)

========= Ship Drop =========
CC Amex
Sock Clear + same State + AMEX or DIS
NO need sock same STATE
Need Mail MSN
Clear Sock - NO need same STATE
Need Mail MSN

========= CLOTHES + APARAL Ship WORLD WIDE ========= (payment via paypal) (best site for ASIA ) (not accept AMEX + DIS, design personally) (supper star + expensive) (men) (SQL injection) (women) (store search engine) (supper expensive - women)) (women)

============= NON CVV2 ===========

Store that ship -------------------------------------------

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